aaron rileyThank you Dana White, for getting the gears turning on a potential UFC 101 rematch between UFC lightweights Aaron Riley (27-11-1) and Shane Nelson (12-3). Both men were part of a match with one of the worst endings I’ve been an unfortunate witness to in years.

Scared, nervous, jittery, untested ref Rick Fike called a stop to the bout at UFC 96, after Riley was dropped with a right hand from Nelson. Riley immediately transitioned into guard, however was not given the chance to fight an MMA match in the least sense of the phrase due to Fike losing his cool (or lack there of) and putting an end to the action just as the two were getting warmed up.

It now seems that UFC President Dana White is coming through as we hoped on his promise of a rematch and “a more definitive ending”. Nelson and Riley are two athletes who like to scrap and they should indeed be granted the chance to meet one another soon to truly see who the better man is. To Nelson’s credit, he did not celebrate after the horrendous reffing, and was clearly disappointed by the outcome.

Having been there live at 96 in Ohio, I can tell you Riley was shocked by Fike’s ineptitude. Now that we will be traveling to UFC 101 in Philadelphia this August to bring you live coverage, the match making schedule for this could not have been timed better. With the bad taste of Riley vs. Nelson 1 still lingering, the 6th-Round.com team eagerly awaits the rematch.