On September 16th on SPIKE TV the latest installment of The Ultimate Fighter will debut with 16 up-and-coming heavyweight monsters including the larger than life Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson. We last saw ‘Slice’ laying face down on Elite XC’s canvas mat as Seth Petruzelli rained down blow after blow much to the protest of his boss’ son, Jared Shaw. The hype of Kimbo was over as quickly as Elite XC closing its doors, but is he out for good?

The engima that is Slice has been solved by the majority of MMA fans. Fans, the media, and news sites, including this one, have seen right through him since day one. Ferguson did not belong in the spotlight of the MMA world simply because of experience and the fact that he was considered a main eventer quicker than even Brock Lesnar. But does Kimbo Slice still matter? Truthfully, yes, he does. He finally matters. Mr. Slice is taking the route to the top MMA promotion that many current superstars such as Forrest Griffin, Kenny Florian and Josh Koschek. The Ultimate Fighter season 10 contestant will have to show top UFC brass what he really is made of. The route he is taking is the correct one and if he does succeed and has a chance to sign a UFC contract then everyone will have no reason not to take him seriously. Best of luck to Kimbo.