gus johnsonIn a recent press release, announcer Gus Johnson shared his thoughts on the upcoming Frank Shamrock vs. Nick Diaz fight. While I agree it is a good draw for the Strikeforce promotion on Showtime, it is not as intense as Johnson would like you to believe.

See Gus’s comments…

“Shamrock-Diaz is an incredible fight,” Johnson said. “It’s like a young lion versus an old lion. Frank’s getting older. He’s had injuries. Diaz is hungry and hot and as good on the ground as Frank is on his feet. Nick is tall, long and has some power. It will be a major challenge for Frank, but we are talking about Frank Shamrock; A legend and master strategist who’ll push Nick like he’s never been pushed before. He’s so smart, I expect Shamrock to physically take away some of Diaz’s advantages.”

Gus isn’t exactly an expert in MMA, but I surely do respect his accomplishments in broadcasting. In fact, it was his commentary which stood out to be the best of the CBS crew, while Elite XC was alive. That’s not saying much, but it’s saying something.

All that being said, Shamrock vs. Diaz is not “an incredible fight”. Think of the April 11th showdown between these two as a tune-up match for both, while Shamrock will likely come out on top and both will go on to have some more success in their natural, respective weight divisions (upcoming bout at catch-weight).

It’s indeed in Johnson’s best interest to hype the fights he’ll be calling, but this aforementioned quote falls right into his over-the-top style which is ultimately what turns myself and many others off from his in-show antics.