david the crow loiseauBreaking news this morning coming your way via our learning of David “The Crow” Loiseau being increasingly close to realizing his return to the UFC. Marc-Andre Drolet of Cageplay.com reported earlier today that Loiseau could likely make his anticipated ’09 debut back into the Octagon against Ed “Short Fuse” Herman at UFC 97 on April 18, as those close to both fighters have mentioned.

Now, Drolet also mentions that he spoke with Loiseau’s agent Ken Pavia (of MMAagents.com), and states a contract has not yet been officially offered/signed. All signals point to the rumored deal being a go in the near future, so we’ll keep our eyes and ears open as to report to you any and all updates.

Why should you be excited for David’s return?

Loiseau enjoyed good success in the UFC’s middleweight division from ’03-’05 before suffering two consecutive losses to Rich Franklin and Mike Swick in ’06. David left the organization and has ressurected his career mostly in Canadian promotions, riding a three fight win streak.

The Crow is best known for his reknowned Tae Kwon Do and use of vicious elbows. He’d bring additional Canadian flavor to the 185 lbs. class in the UFC, and would present some great match-ups for the current contenders. If the fight with Herman comes to fruition, look for David to come out guns blazing, yet still fighting with intelligence. Ed had major trouble with Alan Belcher late last year and it’s hard to imagine him slowing down Loiseau’s current momentum.