Dana White’s latest UFC 108 video blog has been posted on YouTube and it’s a doozy. Paul Daley gets some good exposure on this episode following White’s intense phone conversation regarding Sherdog’s Jake Rossen.

The UFC brass also open a tasty holiday gift from…well…you’ll see.

(Transcript below thanks to our friends over at WKR)

“…[inaudible] arguing with me about how big MMA will be over the next ten years. Like I give a f***what Jake Rossen thinks. What has this guy ever done to move the sport of MMA forward– okay? First of all, first of all we’ve done- – we’ve made this thing grow despite all the dicks that write on Sherdog, okay? Number one. And, and– but his f***ing input about business and he also says the UAE[United Arab Emirates] is f***ing– uh, has big financial trouble. They are worth a trillion f***ing dollars! This guys is a f***ing ass bag, okay?”

Person on phone says something

“So, instead of, wait, instead of, instead of promoting the fight this weekend– instead of promoting the fight this weekend, this guy is f***ing arguing with me about how big MMA is going to be in the next ten years and why it wont be as big as I say it is. Are you mother f***ers into Mixed Martial Arts!?

Person on phone responds

“That’s what he does? Then what the f*** do you employ this guy for? He argues about how big the sport will be, that’s what he does? What a f***ing douchebag!”

Person on phone responds

“You know there’s a fight this Saturday, right? There’s not, there’s not one stitch of f***ing anything covering the fight. Uh– who will be the next big fighters in the next ten years, uh– they got some big dude with a big fucking afro, uh– wrestling, you know?”

Call ends Dana White addresses the camera

“So basically, what he just tells me is Jake Rossen, what he likes to do is, he likes to write bullshit stories smashing MMA and MMA writers so you the fans will go on there and talk about him for a long time. Typical f***ing bullshit reporter.

Jake Rossen, Go f*** yourself!”