keith jardineThe tornado of rumors, semi-scheduled and officially announced bouts for the upcoming UFC events 101, 102 and 103 has been swirling around the ‘net for the past several weeks.

Now in the eye of the storm, per se, I’d like to clear up the ever-changing picture by giving a run-down of what fans can expect over the summer and into early autumn.

UFC 101 –

Rumors: Rampage fighting winner of Evans vs. Machida, Penn having to defend title against Florian, Forrest Griffin fighting Thiago Silva

Confirmed: Rampage will not be fighting at 101, Penn is indeed defending against Kenflo, and Forrest’s opponent is now Anderson Silva (not Thiago)

UFC 102 –

Rumors: Randy Couture facing Big Nog, Leben returning to action, Hammill taking on Vera

Confirmed: Most of the above seems to indeed be true, but additionally we have found out Keith Jardine will be fighting Thiago Silva

UFC 103 –

Rumors: Event will be held across the pond in the UK, likely in northern territory, Anderson Silva headlining @ 185 lbs., Rampage fighting for title

Likely: Rampage fighting for the LHW title, Anderson Silva is not headlining, even will most likely be in the UK