chase beebeFormer WEC bantamweight champ Chase Beebe is likely not feeling on top of the world right now. After a loss to Miguel Torres in February of 2008, Beebe eventually left the WEC to compete in the DREAM tourneys overseas.

Now, this would seem like a respectable, logical move to re-gain momentum and return to possible title contention within the WEC one day. Well, the plan has sprung a leak, taken on water, and began sinking quickly.

Not only did Beebe lose recently in his DREAM effort, he’s had to face the media saying he was unaware of the rounds being 10 minutes long. As if that isn’t embarrassment enough, woes in the courtroom are abound for Chase as Marcello Foran of D.C.-based MMA promotion UWC is pursuing legal action stemming from Beebe flaking on his contract to headline the February 2009 “Man-O-War” event.

Chase’s reasoning for not having attended the “Man-O-War” weigh-ins, fights, anything at all, was a knee injury. Now, one would expect doctor’s verification of the problem is Beebe was a man of his word (and in line with contractual obligations to do so), however such x-rays never surfaced.

I’m not accusing the man of anything, but simply illustrating that karma, can be very, very real. Read the former champ’s thoughts on his crushing loss at DREAM.7 (quote from Sherdog), below.

I think I was fighting wrong. I didn’t train for 10 minutes. I wasn’t aware it was a 10-minute first round, so I was kinda’ gassing a little bit. I fought hard, you know, just … circumstances took me out of the fight.

I really have no excuses. My knee was feeling alright. Obviously, it hindered my training camp a little bit, but I still should have been prepared for this fight. It was feeling good enough to perform. I can’t really use it as an excuse. It held up on me. I think I just need to fight harder next time.