boxing gloves box oldBoxing Scene ( today published an “article” based on an unverified rumor that the Ultimate Fighting Championship is under FTC investigation for monopolistic practices. The whole-lotta-nothing post which consists of dated, unrelated Dana White quotes and the disjointed explanation of what a monopoly is, is just plain irresponsible journalism.

Beyond writer Bryanna Fissori’s lackluster effort to craft a remotely semi-coherent brief on basic legal definitions, this post attempting to smear the wildly successful Mixed Martial Arts promotion does nothing more than deal another self-inflicted jab to the collective face of boxing writers who realistically could use a standing 10-count in the eyes of new-era fans and casual sports observers.

By Bryanna Fissori
Legal Analyst

So the rumor has hit the streets and all the MMA community anxiously awaits confirmation or denial of what many thought to be inevitable: Is Zuffa LLC, being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for antitrust violations?

As a prelude readers should know that if the FTC is in fact conducting an investigation it is private and we are not going to hear much from their end until they have finished doing what they do and decide whether or not they have a valid case.

Here we see that what is being speculated upon on is mere rumor and the site goes so far as to state that there is no knowledge of an investigation. “If the FTC is in fact…” is not establishing even a shred of credibility prior to the meat and potatoes of the content getting underway. I’d sure like to know who make up the “many” mentioned to have apparently long anticipated this “inevitable” antitrust probe. As a self-described “Freelance MMA/Boxing Legal Analyst/Reporter”, one would think Fissori would know that other issues in MMA have been garnering much greater, positive attention than the little-talked about Zuffa critics crying “monopoly!” (tin foil hats, to boot).

Allow me to say that I have long enjoyed boxing and wish its industry the best. I take great pride in partnering with wonderful companies such as Everlast, here at Even with the sport earning unfortunate criticism ranging from the opinion that there are too many titles to Floyd Mayweather Jr. doing whatever he can to avoid top level competition in the Manny Pacquiao, it’s still a combat discipline that I and many around the world take interest in and actively follow. What I and anyone with respect for those who put in the work to publish quality writing on professional athletics wish to see is less of these grasping, near-slanderous pieces being actively promoted by popular destinations on the web, or large readerships in print for that matter.

Fissori and will earn no increase in credibility if at any point in the near or distant future it is announced that any FTC investigation of any sort is, has, or will ever take place regarding the UFC. The fact of the matter is that a grasping cheap-shot (clearly stated as pure make-believe) at any professional entity does more harm to the classless originator than it ever could to the intended target. Swing and a miss,