bj penn loss to gspCan’t we all just get along? No, no we haven’t been able to with the amount of complaining UFC lightweight champ B.J. Penn has done regarding his January welterweight loss to 170 lbs. champ Georges St. Pierre.

Over the past few months, Penn launched an aggressive campaign to have St. Pierre fined, suspended, stalled, everything under the sun he could dream up to take the spotlight off the lopsided beatdown of a bout that occurred at UFC 94.

B.J. had ran his mouth even more after the fight than before, which is hard to have predicted would happen considering how disrespectful the Penn camp is. Showing up out of shape and not as prepared as he stated he was, B.J. threw in the towel between rounds 4 and 5, after being dominated by the superior fighter, Georges St. Pierre.

As I thought may happen, the complaining by the Hawaiian BJJ ace began shortly thereafter. Even Penn’s mommy weighed in on the situation. Penn’s camp suggested that Phil Nurse of GSP’s corner rubbed grease on the shoulders and back of their fighter, which help negate Penn’s guard. The NSAC saw it as everyone else with a sane mentality saw it, that Penn lost the fight hands down, and no amount of accidental grease smearing contributed the official outcome. The fight will stand as a victory for GSP, as it should; and no formal action is to be taken against the rightful, undisputed champion of the UFC welterweight division.

Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports puts it well in the following…

Penn is simply making himself look bad in the aftermath of his loss to St. Pierre. His decision to file a formal complaint with the Nevada Athletic Commission was ridiculous. I thought Penn would win the fight. But it was clear that A) Penn wasn’t in the kind of condition that he said he was in and B) St. Pierre has improved so much in the past three years that he’s now the better overall fighter. I didn’t think that was the case when they fought in 2006. St. Pierre dominated the first round of the UFC 94 match when there was little to no ground fighting, so the alleged Vaseline that was on St. Pierre’s back didn’t have an impact. Phil Nurse clearly put Vaseline on his back, whether intentionally or not, in between the first and second round. But it was incidental to the outcome of the fight. Penn is still one of the world’s elite fighters, but he needs to get back into the cage and prove that   and stop the moaning.