rich no love clementiNow that the welterweight division of WEC is 86’d by Zuffa and the creme of that crop are now in the UFC, cuts of lower-level fighters across all existing UFC divisions are abound.

With over 200 athletes on the roster at Fight Night 17, room simply had to be made in quick fashion. What could be seen as brash by the uneducated fan, these cuts are necessary to immediate and long-term improvement. As MMA grows, more and more talented fighters are going to take the place of the “mediocres”.

The most recently cut guys of the aforementioned mediocre status are light heavyweight Christian Wellisch, heavyweight Eddie Sanchez, welterweight Luigi Fioravanti, lightweight Rich “No Love” Clementi and middleweight Derek Downey.

Rumor has it that many more cuts will be made over the coming months. will report rosterb changes as they develops.