kenny florianIn the world of business, top priority is always growth. If you’re not growing then you’re dying, as the saying goes. This rings especially true in MMA as fighters, promotions and fans alike must educate themselves to maintain momentum in professional and recreational fulfillment.

World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) has produced particularly apparent growth since being bought by Zuffa (UFC ownership) for several reasons. For one, the organization knows its market and has carved a niche in MMA with showcasing bright talents in lighter divisions. By honing efforts into a concentrated focus, the WEC brass have avoided the flailing downfalls of other unsuccessful promotions.

There is another key to rising prominence of WEC which is the excellent commentary provided by Frank Mir, and now Kenny Florian as confirmed in his e-mail newsletter. Although set to challenge B.J. Penn for the UFC lightweight title in August, Florian carves out time to provide quality insight on ESPN’s “MMA Live” and will now commentate at WEC 41 as featherweight champ Mike Brown defends his title against former long-time champ Urijah Faber.

Florian’s ability to educate the viewer as he did in a previous UFC broadcast (83) by explaining techniques and the flow of a fight in a smooth manner is going to build on the already solid work put in by Frank Mir. Mir, who faces Brock Lesnar in a heavyweight title unification match at UFC 100, is likely taking time off from his normal WEC duties to focus on training.