ufc affliction january 24What a difference a day counter-program makes, eh? Affliction’s second attempt to gain an MMA-minded audience will once again be smoked by UFC counter-programming, when “Day of Reckoning” takes to the pay-per-view airwaves on January 24th.

Spike TV will be re-airing the popular UFC 91 “Couture vs. Lesnar” event while Affliction produces a fight card including Arlovski taking on Fedor. 91 garnered over a million pay-per-view buys, which ranked as the second most in the #1 mixed martial arts organization’s history.

Now, you’ll likely remember Affliction’s potential start-with-a-bang (aka their first event, which included Fedor vs. Sylvia) had interest easily siphoned away by Spike re-airing UFC 84: “Ill Will”. I can’t imagine Affliction will do much better this time around, as “Day of Reckoning” has already been forced into a re-schedule from their original October date due to extremely low ticket sales.

Tom Atencio, Affliction promoter and t-shirt connoisseur, has publicly stated he is not looking to take the UFC head-on because it would be “silly”. Of course, this is the same gent who also told the MMA world that Affliction was “forced” into becoming a promotion due to the ban on their sponsoring any individual on the UFC roster. This was proved false, and it’s clear Tom’s band of tribal tattoo’d brothers want a piece of that profitable PPV pie.

To make matters worse for the face of Affliction, president Tom Beard recently resigned from his position after threatening Randy Couture’s wife and having his shady criminal past revealed.

While things are on the up-and-up for the UFC, Affliction continues to struggle. “Day of Reckoning” will indeed be just as it’s billed, and will very well determine a go-or-no for this promotion’s bleak future.