6th-Round.com is a site that strives to bring the best of MMA news, opinion, results, and more to the web. We’re long-time fans of the sport who upon seeing our first UFC events on tv, were instantly hooked and have grown such an appreciation for the dedication of the athletes and organizations that it was nearly impossible for us not to start 6th-Round.com

Expect daily updates on promotions and fighters all over the world, forward-thinking opinion pieces, as well interviews with up-and-coming locally-based mixed martial artists. We welcome all feedback and inquiries from readers, fighters, and newspapers/stations alike. So please, feel free to contact us at any time.

Gray D. has been credentialed by various promotions for live cageside blogging and photography. Please contact us if you are holding an MMA-related event and wish to have 6th-Round.com provide exposure and coverage.

In the famous words of “Big” John McCarthy… “let’s get it on!”


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